We Should Know About The Pappy Van Poodle Is A Character Of Nintendo 3DS That Nobody Knows

We Should Know About The Pappy Van Poodle Is A Character Of Nintendo 3DS That Nobody Knows

Pappy Van Poodle: Nick Robinson’s YouTube channel has some interesting news for us. In his most recent video, he exposes the existence of a Nintendo character that was previously unknown. This character may be found in Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball, a free Nintendo 3DS eShop game launched in 2014.

Users could, however, pay to play baseball minigames via the app. Many gamers never paid full price for games because they could haggle because of this decision. This explains why no one has heard of Pappy Van Poodle, a character that only emerges if we pay the full price of a game without negotiating.

The most exciting part of this game is that you can bargain about the price with the game merchant, Rusty Slugger. a few things payment. You’d be able to get the minigames for a lot less than the $4 you asked for.

If we succeed, we’ll discover more about Rusty, his family, and Rusty’s mentor, Pappy Van Poodle, an obese dog with a cane. The app will show you multiple scenes of this weird person if you pay the full amount

Pappy Van Poodle Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball Pappy Van Poodle Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

The series is called Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

• Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball (Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball) (Rusty’ (for starters

• A poodle is a dog breed.

• The season was created in the year 2013

The game’s development was overseen by Nintendo.

Pappy Van Poodle is a character in the Nintendo 3DS game Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball. If the player does not consent, the game will be terminated. It is shown as Rusty Slugger. He’s the real deal. Rusty’s long-lost tutor, who has been tasked with assisting the proprietor.


Rusty’s Real Deal baseball featured Pappy Van Poodle for the first time. Pappy Van Poodle served as Rusty’s tutor in the game, offering him valuable artefacts and advice to help him. If you buy something at the end of the game, Pappy Van Poodle will emerge and give Rusty the product you were intended to give him during the haggling process.

The majority of the games cost $4.00 (total price), and Rusty isn’t provided the tools he needs to advance the story (which is usually done by haggling with Rusty). Rusty mentions Pappy Van Poodle a few times throughout the game, but only in these specific instances.

Pappy There’s a catch. In one of Rusty’s later episodes, his dog finds it in an alley and gives it to him


For nearly two decades, Pappy Van Poodle was Rusty’s dearest friend and mentor. He was considered to be the largest supporter and admirer of Rusty’s Sluggers, and he was spotted cheering. The squad’s unofficial mascot is Rusty.

He speaks to Rusty as if he were his son and gives him flowers, exhibiting the tenderness of his Japanese translation: Inuz Toip, a Pappy Van Poodle with a distinctive wardrobe and narrative, makes a debut in the Japanese edition of “Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball.”

As seen in Pappy Van Poodle’s Japanese adaptation.

He was primarily unknown due to the implausible strategy required to even meet Pappy Van Poodle. the world wide web the duration of the game Only six days following the release of Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball in Japan, he was mentioned for the first time on a Japanese blog site called (Pozukago). He was then mentioned in a few places on the internet, but it wasn’t until YouTuber Nick Robinson posted a video about how he discovered Pappy Van Poodle by mistake that he became famous. The video is available in this case.

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