You Nee To Know All About BMW S55 Engine In 2022

You Should Know All About BMW S55 Engine In 2022

BMW S55 Engine introduced the cutting-edge design to its M models with the bi-super S55 six-chamber inline six-chamber motor from the M division in 2014. It was a remarkable achievement for BMW. Class on the ground that the S55 turbocharged motor is the first in a BMW M’s engine vehicle.

In the past, BMW  S55 Engine relied on an S65 normally suctioned S8 motor. No matter how small the chamber number, the change is normally suctioned Fans received uplifting news about turbocharging engines. The drive is extended from 414 425 HP (309-317 kW), and force increased from 295-406 lb/ft (405 to 550 Nm).

Here are the details You need to know the S55 engine of BMW. We will be discussing the S55 motor in detail later on in this article. We will be discussing all the BMW S55 engines as well as the best-used BMW s55 engines in the country USA.

What makes the S55 Engine so special?

The BMW S55 engine  is represented by a high consistent force, common to a super, and which can be accessed in a Large range from 1850 rpm up to 5500 rpm. Ideal presentation band starts at 5500 rpm 7300 rpm, and 7600 rpm for the fastest speed. The motor provides: The best of both universes super-fast and slow. Fans of Fanatic M vehicles who understand the historical context of these vehicles are Turbocharged engines are a source of amazement for many people.

The absolute best M vehicles were built NA, which was their strongest strength. BMW was founded in 1993. Fans have declared a twin super-I6 motor to power the M-vehicles of the future. These were the potential upsides and downsides to such a move. The BMW S55 highlights, however, are not like the N55. Closed deck motor square and crankcase configuration make it difficult to access the higher chamber.

Pressures associated with the sloped up yield At 84mm X89mm, the drag X stroke is slightly less square than it should be. The longer the stroke, the greater The S55 is able to achieve incredible low-end power, and top snort with stroke. Accessible from as low as 2,000rpm The top pull continues as far as it can go 7,000rpm.

What Cars Are Powered by the S55 Engine

BMW has used the S55 motor in many different M models throughout the years. The years that began around 2014.

Below is a list of all the details.


2020-present F87M2CS Racing (275 HP – 360 HP)

F87 M2 Competition 2019-2021 (405 HP)

2020-2021 F87 CS Racing (444 hp).


2014-2018 F80 M3 (425 hp)

2016-2018 F80M3 Competition (444 HP)

2018 F80 M3 CS Racing (453 hp).


2014-2020 F82 – F83 M4 (425 hp)

2016-2020 F82-F83 M4 Competition (444 HP)

2017-2020 F82 CS Racing (453 HP)

2015-2016 F82M4GTS (493 HP with water infusion framework).

2017 F82 M4 DTM Champion Edition (493, hp, with water infusion framework).

BMW S55 Engine Specifications

Stock Power: 425hp/406tq (various versions have somewhere between 405hp-493hp).

World Record HP: 1,150whp 1,350 wrench HP

Removal: 2,979cc (2.979L)

Turbocharger: Twin “single-scroll” turbos

Tension: 10.2 to 1.

Bore x Stroke 84.0mm (3.31’’) x 89.6mm 3.53’’)

Internals: Made steel driving rod, aluminium compound cylinders and rings.

Block Design: Closed Deck

Redline: 7,500 RPM

Injectors: Bosch solenoid style direct injectors

Which is better, N55 or S55

The S55 also includes a magnesium oil skillet that weighs 1000g or 2.2lbs less than the previous model. The aluminium oil container for the N55. The N55’s and S55’s major differences are the S55’s closed deck block. Grounded cylinders, sodium-filled exhaust vals, twofold high-pressure fuel siphon for cylinders A twin-superframe is contrasted to a single superframe, and the overhauled inter cooling framework.

The S55 uses 75% of the same parts as N55 so they are very comparable.

The S55 has a few modifications that allow it to deliver consistently. You should have more power, and be ready for track use. It’s better than the other, but I think it’s still superior. It is not clear what the answer to this question is There are many options. There are no disadvantages.


The S55, like all BMW motors, works best when it is authentic or OEM quality. parts. It is a well-known fact that parts may not be available for your motor. Details in the event that you are not an expert. We offer the finest used BMW S55 Engines for your vehicle. Every engine comes with a warranty and is tested before being shipped. Autotechio is the USA’s best authorised dealer for many years.Click here to read an article UV Disinfection system.

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